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About Mortimer & Spake Engineering Ltd

Our History

With a long history in machining pressure vessel's, turbine/pump casings, fabrications, tubesheets and large diameter pieces to high quality specifications, we have also been involved in a number of unusual projects which include the restoration of a Wallis and Steevens steam tractor, eye catching sculptures for various councils, machining the chain wheel for the Poole Harbour Ferry and remachining the oil seals on a 1.5 tonne piston for the American Cormorant.

We are able to turn up to 2 meters in diameter, cover an area of 2 square meters in one pass, milling, drilling and facing and slot up to 600mm stroke.  

With three horizontal borers we can refurbish building, agricultural and environmental machinery, for instance, digger/dipper bucket's and arms can be refurbished by in-line boring and sleeving, worn axles can be welded and re-machined, flywheels, brake drums and cylinder heads can be skimmed.

Our CNC machining capablities include small to medium batch work, one off's,high spec machining with exotic materials and design and development work.
Other engineering facilities include welding, fabrication and polishing.                                                                   
So if it's large turning/milling/horizontal boring, refurbishments, restoration work, welding and fabrication or high quality CNC machined parts, Mortimer and Spake Engineering caters for all your machining requirments.